About Angelica Maxima

Healing with the Power of the Planet and the Heart

I use the electromagnetic field of the planet and the heart, along with the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, to bring deep healing, awakening, and wholeness to my clients. This helps fragmented parts of their being regain awareness of their true nature and integrate with their primary personality.

Creating a Safe and Caring Space

During each session, I maintain a sense of connected care, balanced calm, and inner strength to create a safe and supportive environment for my clients. By combining my skilled perceptions with the client's psychological reality and divine nature, I facilitate a spontaneous experience of integration.

Healing Trauma and Promoting Spiritual Growth

I am able to recognize and effectively address ego fragments that have broken off from the client's more integrated conscious experiences. This leads to healing of trauma, spiritual growth, soulful evolution, and practical knowledge on both micro and macro levels.

If you are feeling the call and ready to do the work, contact me for a free consultation or schedule your session.

Additional Trainings & Education

I have completed the following trainings and continuing education: