About Angelica Maxima

I love to help clients connect with their heart. This allows them to explore their own internal sense of divine connection, and find deep inner fulfillment as their wounds heal and their personality integrates.

Through their heart they find trust, truth, and reconnect with who they are as divine beings.

My compassion, strength and wisdom all combine to create a sacred space for my clients to feel safe to unburden their hearts.

I listen with focus and undistracted attention by setting aside personal feelings and judgments. I listen deeply, allowing the client to feel safe to reveal their wounds, fears, shadow, longings, and gifts.

With the help of the planet’s electromagnetic field working with the electromagnetic field of the heart, and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, I evoke a specific morphic field for deep healing, awakening, and wholeness so these fragmented aspects of my client’s being can regain awareness of their true nature and integrate successfully with the primary personality.

During the entire session, I conserve a sense of connected care, balanced calm and inner strength to create a space for the client’s energy to “remember” this place as a desirable state of being.

I simultaneously maintain awareness of my own skilled perceptions, the current psychological reality of the client, and the deeper truth of their divine nature. This bundled awareness encourages a spontaneous experience of integration. I am able to recognize and relate in a wise and caring way to ego fragments that have “broken off” from the more integrated conscious experiences on both micro-cellular and macro-universal levels and then apply these experiences for the healing of trauma, spiritual growth, soulful evolution, and practical knowledge.

If you are feeling the call and ready to do the work, contact me for a free consultation or schedule your session.

Additional Trainings & Education

I have completed the following trainings and continuing education: