Client Reviews

“Angelica is a proper healer who opens channels for feeling. By inviting me to share about the pain I was holding, she offered a space that felt supported by the spirits, so to speak, in releasing through tears and body work, and carving a new path of clarity. Angelica's feedback was spot on, and delivered with a grounding mix of straight ahead wisdom and comforting support. I exited feeling grounded, opened and like something important shifted internally."

- Caitlin

“Angelica has such a lovely presence and is able to cultivate a safe space to really tune into the body, spirit, and mind. I just love her spirit and am always at peace after spending time with her whether that be in conversation or a healing session. I highly recommend working with her!

Angelica, I cannot express how grateful I am for your support, presence, wisdom, and grace. Our session together gave me exactly the guidance I've been seeking.”

- Maria

“I can't be more grateful than I am right now, after experiencing the therapy. It was an amazing journey inside my inner person. Angelica went to all the secret places and opened all the doors that had been closed for a long time. I feel very light and open to new things and challenges.”

- Juan

“I've worked with a few energy healers, but my experience with Angelica was profoundly unique. We had a distance session during the pandemic. I had not ever had distance healing before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Turns out, it was the most impactful session I've ever had.

I truly believe that Angelica is living her soul's purpose and this is one of her many gifts to leave this world better than it was when she arrived. Anyone who gets to experience it, should. It's such a beautiful thing!”

- Christy

“I felt quite a big shift after my energy healing session with Angelica. During the session, she was able to pinpoint the age I was when a trauma occurred in my childhood, and also gently led me to some realizations about unresolved familial relationships that she saw during the session. Afterwards I felt quite tired, and needed to rest a lot, as both my physical body and my energetic body were shifting into more balance. I also noticed I had much more clarity in the weeks after the session about my relationships, and it was easier to speak up and set boundaries where needed.

Angelica is a gifted & powerful healer, and she delivers her work gently while holding a loving space for the deep healing and realizations to take place. Thank you so much Angelica!”

- JK

“When I first contacted Angelica, I was stuck in mental and emotional patterns filled with anxiety. Her unique approach brought me long-craved peace and calmness. She is an amazing, gentle soul who makes you feel safe, yet is so humble and dismissive of her own greatness. I’m eternally grateful to have met her. ”

- Maja

“Angelica is a powerful and true healer. Her commitment to compassion radiates in her healing sessions.

I felt immense relief after my time working with her.”

- Charlie

“It helped me clarify my emotions, move them through my body, give words to my feelings, and feel present and whole inside my body.

Thank you for offering me your gifts and your time and your love.”

- Vanessa